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La La La Birdtime is an American indie pop rock band from Echo Park, California formed in 2015 by way of Arizona and Illinois. The band’s collaborative writings and performances consist of Alisha Fraher (vocals, guitar, synth) and Bradley Dujmovic (vocals, guitar, synth, engineer) featuring amazing musicians from around the globe. 
 The band name, La La La Birdtime was inspired on a walk down the street in Hollywood, California stumbling upon some birds bathing in a pool of water. The music is inspired by a broad array of influences. Alisha often sites Charles Thompson, Isaac Brock, Spencer Krug, Can, Bjork, Morrissey  and many others as her creative fuel. The couple describes their sound as pseudo psychedelic space pop.

 Birdtime’s album, “Hello Head” was composed, performed, produced and engineered by the couple at their home studio in Echo Park, California with the help of Zach Kamins, Matty Alger, Sebastian Boher, Torr Francis and Nick Reinhart. The 10-song album is much like a lowbrow painting. Imagine floating around in a cozy bubble up in space joyously bouncing from planet to planet reflecting on humanity and how destructive we are to our mother earth.

  Together Dujmovic and Fraher have self-released two studio albums, “Fig” and “Hello Head”. Both albums take you on a very different journey but have the cohesiveness one desires from a great band. "The Album Fig is such a cool mix of charming pop and dirty rock, like eating candy and watching Taxi Driver, " Dustin Morgan of Archer Black. With their third record on the way and many live performances ahead these two never stop. The new record will feature Jeremy Miller on drums and Eloy Palacios on bass, this rhythm section is just what the band needed to make another great record. 
When this dynamic team hit the stage it’s a must see.The Band is explosive!

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